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New or Used  Nashville Predators NHL Hockey Puck Official Licensed Product In Glas Co. If this Hockey Puck was used than I would have seen severe scratches and scuff marks. So to avoid any unnecessary controversy, I am selling the Puck as USED. $20.00 FS..

Vintage/Antique WWII 1942 Porcelain/Enamel Canteen & Pouch  Markings  U.S. 1942 BE Co
(Bellaire Enameling Company)  Size: 6x3x7 $75.00 FS

Bret Michaels New Out Of The Box 2012 Signature Chance Plush Dog Toy The Plush Dog Toy still has the same fruity aroma as when we took it out of the box. Press on its stomach and you hear a  squeaky “playful sound”.have examined this puppy to insure  that it is not damaged any rips or hanging string. This puppy is New out of the box. Measures 18” with a gray rock shirt, blue bandana and earrings. The material is of Black/Brown Polyester Fibers.  Please view the photos thoroughly. $17.00 FS

New 6 PC 10oz Michelob Eagle Red Ribbon Dry Pilsner Glasses by Anheuser Busch
  These glasses were a gift from my brother when he worked for Anheuser-Busch in New Jersey. Never used, still in its original box and the New Jersey
paper that was used to wrap the glasses is dated- April 30, 1989 The Star Ledger.
$35.00  $21.00 Shipping 

Good Luck Laughing, Sitting Buddha made of Brass holding a  Ruyi and Beads.
The Laughing Buddha is depicted holding a Ruyi on one hand that serves as a ceremonial scepter and Rosary Beads on the other depicting pearls of wisdom. The Brass Buddha has developed a patina of green in certain areas because of oxidation over a long period of storage. It can be cleaned with the proper Brass cleaning solution. 11oz 3”x3” $23.00

ashtray Italian Handcrafted Metal Ashtray With Detailed Molded Figurines Italian made 8” Antique Figurine Molded Ashtray design to include the outer border of leafs and Birds and the playing of various musical instruments in a venue. Please view the photos thoroughly before bidding. $25.00 FS   

Seltzer Water

Vintage Blue/Green Argentine Bottle Neck Sparkling Seltzer Water BottleThere was a time when my parents used to have cases of Seltzer Water delivered to our home and I remember the bottle necks were a combination of metal or plastic. I don’t know the age of this 5lb bottle only that it is older than I and there’s a phone number on the bottle with no area code also identifying the age of the bottle. By the wear and tear of this bottle, it should have been retired instead of being returned to be refilled with sparkling water, but we enjoyed the home delivery. Please review the bottle thoroughly before you decide to buy since all sales are final and I cannot accept returns. Use this bottle as a vintage decorative piece and don’t make an attempt to refill it…. buy sparkling seltzer water like we now do.  $100.00 FS

 New, Brandware 18-8 Stainless Steel 11x5½ Serving Tray. I bought these stainless steel trays and other items in 1989 from a Wholesale Food & Restaurant Supplier that I used to work for and stored them in my closet until now. Some of them still have their existing label description. I didn’t realize that the code 18-8 indicates that the serving tray will resist corrosion, dents, scratches and stains. $17.00 FS