Peter Rios
gave artist/illustrator Izzy Sanabria the right to use the Latin New York Magazine title which Rios owned in 1967-68."…..
In 1968, a magazine called Latin New York Magazine honored this city's Latin music artists for the first time…Peter Rios, founder and publisher of the first Latin New York Magazine, was responsible for this night of recognition at
New York City’s Hotel Americana…..
 Max Salazer, Latin Beat Magazine
When Pete Rios, the original founder of Latin New York Magazine, only had visions of such a magazine, Richie Bonilla took him by the hand and introduced him to Ralph Mercado, then promoter of the 3&1 Club.....

November 1967
Volume 1-1
20 Pages

An Introduction by Tito Rodriguez.
When my dear friend, Peter Rios invited me to contribute a few words to the Inaugural Edition of  LATIN N.Y.,
my acceptance was enthusiastic and immediate.....
An introduction by Tito
Composer of the Year Award
Formal Gala Ball./..was a Ball
Tribute to El Gran Combo
Machito is Honored
Symphony Sid Says.....
Latin New York Swingers.....
From Tito Rodriguez With Love
Latin Grooves
Reach Out
Our 1st Miss Latin N.Y.,
Nydia Caro
Al Santiago Heads Musicor Latin Division
and more.....


January 1968
Volume 1-2
32 pages

by Pedro Galiana
He is the tops! The best of 'emall! There is nobody like him, and when I say that I know I'm covering lot of ground in the world of music........
Inside The Puerto Rican Expo
An evening with Tito Rodriguez
Dick "Ricardo" Sugar  writes.....
Band Of The Year Award
Cotique Artist Join Hands
Iris Bracero
Japan Supports LATIN N.Y.
Tito Puente, is a real Latin from Manhattan
Latin Grooves
Reach Out
Polito Vega, Club DeLa Juventud
Miss Latin N.Y., Olga Veto
A Solid New Group- The Latin Souls
and more.....

February 1968
Volume 1-3
32 Pages

by Miguel Gavilan
As pen is put to paper, we hesitate for a moment, with the thought that we are trying to capture the aura of contemporary phenomena in Latin music.....
A tribute to La Lupe
Dias De Los Reyes
The Psycho Room
The End Of Pure Latin Music?
THE Puerto Rican Expo
Jose Curbelo and His Music
Mr Pete Rodriguez
Latin Groves
Reach Out
Youth In Perspective
Miss Latin N.Y.,  Myrna Febus
minnie, middle, micro-minnie
and more.....

May 1968
Volume 1-4
32 Pages
By Bobby Rodriguez
This past Sunday evening, on an assignment for LNY, I had one of the interesting and gratifying informal type interview with an old friend,
Ray Barretto.....
Jala-Jala Y Boogalo
Vicentico Valdes
The Fabulous Federico
The Night Of The All Stars
Mr. Wtusi with Acid
Latin Grooves
Honorable Herman Badillo
ASPIRIA, the vital turning point
Lets talk about junk
and more.....

The Vision of LNY Magazine in 1967 was to have a Latin magazine written in English for the Latin American community of New York City.
The plan was to assemble a group of unpaid freelance writers, entertainers, community activist, family friends and those who had a strong
conviction and involvement in the community to help launch a magazine geared for the Latin community of New York City.
It was a monumental task,
a total commitment of volunteers who had a strong belief in the success of the magazine. Unfortunately due to lack of finances and corporate advertising
the magazine was an overwhelming success for our readers for the short time that it was in existence.
LATIN NY Magazine
pioneered the way Latin Magazines are written today.

March 1968
Volume 1-5
32 Pages
 by Bobby Rodriguez
As the writer of the article "The End of Pure Latin Music?" in the February issue of  Latin N.Y., it gave me great pleasure to be assigned the pleasant task of interviewing  The Pride of Brooklyn, "Ricardo "Richie" Ray.....
Easter 1968
M&M Presents La Lupe
Ricardo Ray
Fania All Stars
A Call To Hispanic Men
 What Are We?- book review
What the Riot Commission didn't say
Our man in City Hall- Arnold Seqarra
Viva La Calle 103
Here's Cake In Your Face- Tito Puente
Latin Grooves
Reach Out
Cultural Corner- Myrna Rodriguez
Ricardo Ray
and more.....

July-Aug 1968
Volume 1-6
40 Pages
BY Al Castro
The Puerto Rican, making up each day a larger and larger percentage of New York City's population, is rapping on the door of the Performing Arts....
The march on Washington
The Puerto Rican Perade
Deep Stuff
Spanish Labor Symposium
The three disciples- Martin, bobby & John
A Tribute By Brandeis Students
LNY Visits McGraw-Hill
The Puerto Rican and the Performing Arts
A Teaching Dilemma
The Puerto Rican Heritage Library
Jose Chombo Silva
Villa Sol, in the Catskill Mountains
A Tribute To Eddie Palmieri
Mr. Joe Quijano
Latin Grooves
Reach Out
The First LATIN N.Y. Achievement Awards
Cultural Corner
and more.....

Sept-Oct 1968
Volume 1-7
40 Pages
by Bobby Rodriguez
Latin N.Y. has for a long time wanted to bring to its readers interviews with the current, exciting, top name attractions on the Latin scene.......
The Puerto Rican Heritage Library
Who Said We Just Got Here!
City-Wide Puerto Rican Action Committee
Do You Qualify?
The "Young" Graduates
"La Vida" a Puerto Rican family
Profiles of a courageous businessman
Leaders Of Tomorrow
How Labor and Education Has Failed Us
The Business of Poverty
The Swinging side of LATIN N.Y.
The Corso Room
Sonny Bravo
Information For Song Writers
Tito & Celia at the Red Garter
Tighten Up With Frank Mercado
Latin Grooves
Marriage of Latin and Soul Music
Ceasar's Salad
The First LATIN N.Y. Achievement Awards
Cultural Corner-m The Cuban Thing
Monchito, Painter & Sculptor
and more.....

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